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Welcome to Drawing Within Art Therapy and Counselling Services

Hi my name is Marie Bajada and I extend a warm welcome to you as you view my website.

My services are provided in the Moorabool shire, Ballarat and Grampians regions, which are located in central and western Victoria, Australia.

I hope as you browse through my pages, you gain an insight into my work and the  wonderful benefits and advantages of using creative arts as a means of expressing, exploring  and unpacking difficult experiences or life issues.

The processes of Creative Arts Therapies will help you draw within to your inner world, explore issues you want to address and find healing and meaning in your life.

I am a registered, professional Creative Arts Therapist with ANZACATA, practising as a mental health professional. My work is underpinned by my Master's level university training in Art therapy, education studies, neuroscience and many years of experience. In colloboration with you, we carefully select art materials and processes in sequential steps to assist you to move towards your mental health and other life goals. This is done through a multi-modal approach, which basically means I can offer you many different art modalities as a means of exploring your story. These include:

    • Visual arts
    • Sculpture in 3D
    • Textiles
    • Performing Arts
    • Music
    • Movement
    • Digital media
    • Sandplay
    • Any other creative art form you may love
    • I stress here, that you do not have to be artistic or have any knowledge or experience in these modalities to participate. I will walk beside and companion you along the way, as you experiment and play with modalities of your choice.

ANZACATA is the peak professional body for Art therapists in Australia, NZ and Asia. Please watch their video below explaining what Creative Arts therapy is and the work of Art Therapists.

Please click

I especially love working with children and teens but also enjoy journeying with adults, as new awareness leads to transformation in their lives.

In 2018 I realised a life long dream and completed my Masters in Therapeutic Arts practice at the MIECAT Institute in Melbourne. Half way through the year I broke my ankle and found my life and study plans turned upside down.

Both an Arts project and artefact were components of my study requirements. So despite being bed ridden, I turned to Creative Arts therapies as a vehicle for expressing my Journey of Vulnerability. This was done through digital media, where I documented the story of my brokeness and healing. My leg cast became my artefact, as I explored the Japanese art of Kintsugi and then created 7 Kintsugi Kings, who represented the faces of my community who supported me in this vulnerability.

Click here to see my Kintsugi Kings and listen to me narrating this story

Once I was literally and metaphorically back on my feet and walking, I realised I do indeed Walk the Talk with this passion of mine: Creative Arts Therapies.

My Workplace Supervisor made the following comments:

"Your Master's degree had many twists, turns and hurdles and took you on a journey of vulnerability.I am so honoured that I bore witness to this journey, your humility, tenacity, courage and your remarkable achievement. I have been inspired by your work with clients, you demonstrated a genuine compassion and commitment to them, even when the going got tough. It is wonderful to see you claiming the space of the experienced, competent, compassionate and creative arts therapist that you are." C.Taylor Dec 2018

Why not call me on 0409 954 703, make an appointment and you can meet my Kintsugi Kings in real life. As an Art therapist, I am "a game changer who is changing lives one image at a time". 

My Qualifications are:

      • Masters in Therapeutic Creative Arts Practice
      • Post Grad Diploma- Experiential & Creative Arts Practice
      • Post Grad Certificate Community Services- Case Management & Assessment
      • B.Ed Primary
      • Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy
      • Certificate Professional Clinical Supervision-ACA recognised Supervisor training
      • Certificate in Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing- Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy
      • Certificate Sandplay Therapy
      • Registered member -ARCAP -Australian Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists
      • Tree of Life- Narrative Therapy training
      • MBSR-Mindfulness based Stress Reduction Course- Kate Skilbeck-Ballarat
      • Foundation Certificate- Anthrophosophical Arts


      • M.A.C.A- Member Australian Counselling Association- level 4
      • ANZACATA- Australian,New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association- Professional member-AThr
      • Ballarat MHPN- Mental Health Professionals Network
      • Loss and Grief Practictioners Association
      • Professional Supervisor with ACA's College of Supervisors
      • Registered member ARCAP -Australian Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists
      • Registered Member of the V.I.T.-Victorian Institute of Teaching
      • Current “Working With Children Check” & National Police Check
      • MBSR- Ballarat Mindfulness Peer Support group
      • In order to meet ACA's and ANZACATA's annual registration process,I continue to meet my annual OPD (Ongoing Professional Development) & CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and Supervision requirements.


As a registered, professional Art Therapist with ANZACATA, I am available to offer Art therapy as Therapeutic Supports to NDIS participants, who have Plan management or are Self managed. Please contact your NDIS Support Coordinator for more details or contact me directly.


News 2021

I would like to give a huge SHOUT OUT to Continuous Voices in Ballarat and their Exhibition "Out of the Darkness- A Survivor's Story" which will be showcased @ the Ballarat Art Gallery from May 1- Aug 1- 2021.

Through the use of the Arts, the "Continuous Voices Community Arts Project is supporting and giving survivors and their families of institutionalised sexual abuse, a voice, and will culminate with a healing memorial in my regional city. I was deeply touched when I listened to Robert House- a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, talk about his involvement in this project and the power of Art in his life.

** Warning Content of the following video includes references to Sexual assault and abuse.If you need assistance with sexual assault or abuse contact 1800RESPECT or 1800 737 732

Please click to hear Robert talk about Continuous Voices and how Art transformed his life.


Other people who inspire me to keep bringing Art therapy and the Arts to the world are:

* Dane Beams- Retired AFL Footballer

I followed with great interest Dane's grief and loss journey of vulnerability when his father died and was moved by his authenticity and transparency in a sporting world, where often emotions such as grief, are rarely expressed.

His journey of finding Art therapy and his new found love for Art, slowing down and relaxation, are music to my ears.

Click to see his story using Art - 4 mins


*Josh Yeldham- Artist 

Josh Yeldham also inspires me. He is an Australian artist and during an interview on ABC's “One Plus One" he retells the stories of how he used art and creativity to support, heal and transform the many challenging life situations he faced as a young boy, adult and into his marriage. It is the juice that I also cling onto.

“Art is not just about putting art in galleries. You make it because you require some kind of positivity in your life. It’s an outlet to try to benefit yourself. That’s the beauty of art, it’s accessible to all of us.” he states.

To read more of his inspirational story, click here.

Please click the following  links to view my profiles 

1. ACA- Australian Counselling Association

2. ANZACATA-Australian, NZ and Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association

3. Arts Atlas

Choosing Creative Arts therapy could transform your life.
Open a new door and experience its power.

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