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Marie Bajada
0409 954 703
Ballarat, Grampians -Victoria
Welcome to Drawing Within Art Therapy and Counselling Services

Hi my name is Marie and I extend a warm welcome to you as you view my website. My services are provided in the Moorabool shire, Ballarat and Grampians regions which are located in central and western Victoria. I hope as you browse through my pages, you gain an insight into my work and the the wonderful benefits and advantages of using creative arts as a means of expressing and unpacking difficult experiences or life issues.

As a creative arts therapist, I offer both Art and Sandplay Therapies as creative counselling tools. The processes of creative arts will help you draw within to your inner world,explore issues you want to address and find healing and resolution.

I especially love working with children and teens but also enjoy journeying with adults, as new awareness leads to transformation in their lives.

Want to know more about Art Therapy? Watch the video from Cathy Malchiodi an American Art Therapist, who always motivates me. Click here
As an Art therapist, I am "a game changer who is changing lives one image at a time". - Cathy Malchiodi -International Art Therapist extraordinaire 2013

Why not call me on 0409 954 703 and book an appointment?

My Qualifications are:
  • Masters in Therapeutic Art Practice- in progress
  • Post Grad Diploma- Experiential & Creative Arts Practice
  • Post Grad Certificate Community Services- Case Management & Assessment
  • B.Ed Primary
  • Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy
  • Certificate Professional Supervision-ACA recognised Supervisor training
  • Certificate Sandplay Therapy
  • Registered member -ARCAP -Australian Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists
  • Tree of Life- Narrative Therapy training
  • Foundation Certificate- Anthrophosophical Arts

  • M.A.C.A- Member Australian Counselling Association- level 2
  • Professional Supervisor with ACA's College of Supervisors
  • Registered member ARCAP -Australian Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists
  • Registered Member of the V.I.T.-Victorian Institute of Teaching
  • Current “Working With Children Check” & National Police Check
  • In order to meet ACA's registration process each year,I continue to meet my annual OPD (Ongoing Professional Development ) and supervision requirements.

Going over the same ground?

Are you tired of being labelled, diagnosed or your problems going round and round in your head, causing more confusion as you talk about them?
Or maybe you have no words for your feelings and the experiences you are going through.

Then try something new...Art & Sandplay Therapies

Draw or paint how you feel on paper, put it outside of yourself where you can explore it more objectively, amplify your images and symbols and find personal meaning just for you, or choose figurines,play out your story in the sandtray, see different possibilities and create a new story.Be the creator of the brand new script for your life.

I will companion you through this journey of self discovery, as I am a skilled therapist with many years experience in creative arts expression and therapy.I continue to use art therapy in my own self care journey when I need to express issues,if words are not enough.

If you are interested in these kinds of dynamic therapies, give me a call on 0409 954 703 to make an appointment or for more information. I welcome all expressions of interest.

About myself
A love of all things creative, sits alongside my rich background in education: teaching children in primary schools, home education, adult learners and now counselling through the creative arts.

I discovered my artistic side many years ago when I worked alongside my children through home education. This began my own inner journey of colour and self-expression. Creativity through art and ceremony helped to nourish, heal and provide comfort, at times when words could not express my buried feelings.

It was highlighted when my family walked the grief and loss path after a dearly loved family member died. I found being creative helped me productively put my grief in a safe place. At this major life transition, Art Therapy found and turned me around, towards my current path.

Creative and expressive arts,have taken me to places I never dreamt of before. Having experienced first-hand the power and potential of this healing modality,I want to share it with others. Come on the journey with me!

Who inspires me ?
“Learn to love destruction, surrender to it, because when you can look it in the eye and say bring it on, you are ready for newness and change”- Josh Yeldham , artist and film maker-2016

In 2016, 2017 I was faced with more life and death moments and became inspired by Australian artist Josh Yeldham during an interview on ABC “One Plus One." Josh’s stories of how he used art and creativity to support, heal and transform the many challenging life situations he faced as a young boy, adult and in his marriage, is the juice that I also cling onto.

“Art is not just about putting art in galleries. You make it because you require some kind of positivity in your life. It’s an outlet to try to benefit yourself. That’s the beauty of art, it’s accessible to all of us.”he states.

If you want to read more of his story copy this link-

Contact and More Information

Choosing Art or Sandplay Therapy to explore any issues you have, could transform you.
Why not open a new door in your life and experience the power of these creative therapies?

Contact me if you have an enquiry or would like to book an appointment.-0409 954 703 or email - drawingwithin@yahoo.com.au
I would love to hear from you.

ABN 54 369 361 164

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