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Services Offered

One on One Consultations for both children and teens

Art therapy is available using a variety of different mediums or Sandplay therapy which provides the sensory opportunity to explore issues.


Group Art Therapy 4 Kids

These services include:

Kreative Kidz
Expressive Art Therapy program promoting emotional and mental well-being in primary school aged children.
The program encourages children to:

  • Have fun with new friends
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Freely explore their creative potential without any rights or wrongs,
  • Acknowledge hidden gifts and talents
  • Express feelings in a safe space

Group Art Therapy-Time 4 Teens

Open Studio-Creative Arts Group

  • 2 hours after school
  • 6 wk program
  • We stop for food
  • Minimum 4 participants for it to run
  • Cost $150 paid on day 1
  • Teens can choose their own intention/ theme & then freely create art of their choice, using different art modalities- paint, draw, clay, sew, collage, sandtray or other media and then share in a group. The sharing will be optional till they all feel safe and trust is developed between them, but I will encourage them to participate and hear each other’s art stories.
  • These are not art classes, but expressive arts, where teens have the opportunity to express and make meaning of what's important to them in 2017 through creative arts processes.
  • No experience of art required
  • The journey of the art making is more important than the outcome.

School based or auspiced Welfare Agency group programs in Art Therapy or Well-being
The content of these will be driven by the needs of the child /teen client group, through referral from well being officers, school counsellors, principals,case managers.



"Hippy Art Stuff"- but 12 year old client AT loved it

I can’t believe this was me
That was fun
I still have the box
I had fun sewing that
I loved that
That was fun

13x 1-1 sessions Kinship Care

• 1-1 sessions
“During my art therapy sessions, my favourites were making stories in the sandtray, walking in your garden, choosing flowers and then collaging them. It was cool to express my feelings and I enjoyed making a tiger with clay and listening to “ROAR” from Katie Perry. I did feel like a champion. I wish I could do more sessions.”
14 year old client with Cystic Fibrosis

1-1 sessions 14 year old female
• "My client has found the sessions extremely beneficial and both her Nan (primary carer) and the school staff have seen a noticeable positive change in her mood and attitude since the art therapy sessions begun. Prior to these sessions, if she was feeling upset, frustrated or angry she would tend to withdraw and was unable to communicate these feelings. Although it is a slow process, my client now appears able to identify how she is feeling and use strategies and tools learnt through the art therapy sessions to assist her to cope with these feelings. As well as this she loves art and it seems that allowing her a space to develop these skills has increased her overall confidence and wellbeing." Julia Coulthurst Social Worker Mirabel Foundation Dec 2015
(Mirabel assists children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to parental illicit drug use and are now in the care of extended family (kinship care).

What do you like best about coming to Kreative Kids?

• "Doing Art, making clay, doing the sandtray, playing with all the art stuff"- MW
• "Creating things with pastels"- CMG
• "Doing outside things in the garden with the flowers and making our own play dough"- ALM
• "Creating all different pictures using all kinds of flowers in the garden"-EMG
• "Making the car from boxes"- PW
• "Doing a story with clay and making my car"-BMW
• "Doing clay, getting praise at end, making our own play dough"- KLM
• “I’m in Clay Heaven"-AM

"Marie I think you’re fantastic, your understanding and empathy build trust.”
-Mother of 6 yr old after 5 x 1-1 Sandplay Therapy sessions.

“Sandplay Therapy has made me stronger in school and with my family. It has really helped me and to showed me the path to awesome me!Thank you for all your help and support.”
-TS 13yrs

“Marie thankyou for your help with my son over the past 2 terms”. Since he has been coming to you he has gained lots of confidence and is not such a stressed and nervous child.”
Mother NR for 6 yr old son.Kreative Kidz

“I’m sleeping better.”

“ When I go back to the classroom, I can cope better. I am less stressed about spelling”

“Art therapy showed me how to be more gentle”

“Art therapy helped me with my anger and talking to other people” -4 children's responses from School based art therapy programs

“My daughter enjoyed the program very much and I received really positive feedback from her as she did the art therapy sessions. She talked about it heaps. Her school life has improved thanks to your program.”
SM mother of RM 8yr- Mt Pleasant Primary school

“The art therapy program gave some students strategies to use for relaxation and stress relief. Marie you were also flexible and fluid according to the kids needs”
Tara Cameron Well-Being Co-ordinator Wendouree Primary-School based Art therapy program

"My son joined Marie's Kreative Kidz program as a very shy, withdrawn child.He had trouble communicating with people he didn't know and would look to us us parents and older sister to answer any questions asked of him.
Marie's program not only gave him confidence to talk but to express himself through art and to feel worthwhile.He now communicates well and is able to show us and others his sense of humour.
Marie focussed on my son's greatest talent: his art.This gave him not only confidence in himself, but a strong belief that he is a worthwhile person, not just the quiet kid.Thanks Marie.I'm sure our son will be back to see you again."
-CM & NB Parents of TM. Kreative Kidz

Art Therapy helps child with rare Facial Trigeminal Neuralgia
KS is 7year old girl who and has a rare condition usually only found in adults called “Trigeminal Neuralgia”. She is the only child in Australia to have this condition. The pain is so severe that KS often misses school. One of her ways of coping with the pain is to curl up at home near her fire and draw.
Her neurologist doubted that she had the pain as severely as adults do, but it was through her expression of her pain through techniques she learnt through Marie's Kreative Kidz Art Therapy program in 2010, that she was clearly able to describe the symptoms which now confirm her condition.

“Through the Art Therapy work and fun both kids had in Kreative Kids, my daughter was able to brilliantly explain her facial pain using pastels. We took this to Melbourne where her Sydney neurologist was at a conference and he couldn't believe what he was looking at and made the comment that she was better explaining her pain because she had her art work in front of her.In fact through her picture we found out that my daughter has three different types of facial pain which were in his words "classic Trigeminal Neuralgia pain". He asked my daughter what it all meant and did she still feel the dark red, purple and blue she put in the back ground which she explained were her sad colours, she said that now she was on her new meddie (vit B), she felt like the rainbow and sunshine.-MS mother of KS 12.7.2010

Contact and More Information

Choosing Art or Sandplay Therapy for your child or teen could be the best decision you make in supporting their mental health and well being.

Contact me on 0409 954 703 or email drawingwithin@yahoo.com.au
I would love to hear from you.

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