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What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a therapeutic, holistic counselling modality that gives participants the opportunity to express how they are feeling through drawing, painting, clay work, collage, sandplay, ritual or ceremony, movement, music and dream exploration.
It is gentle, non-invasive and does not diagnose.
Art therapy connects us to our spiritual selves.

How does it work?

Through the art process, it peels off the masks that we wear in daily life and reaches to our core -our soul. Individuals can then access the unconscious mind to explore difficult issues in their lives in a clearer way, than if words were used.

The images created, serve as a record of these events which the individual can later reflect on and eventually understand with greater clarity.

Who is Art Therapy for?

Art therapy is beneficial for all.Doing therapy does not presume there is something wrong with you; it can support you in the many transition times you may experience in your life.
No talent is required, you need not know how to draw or paint, your feelings will provide the creative drive. You cannot make a mistake in Art therapy.

What are some benefits of Art Therapy?

  • Expression of feelings too difficult to talk about
  • Relaxation and balance within oneself
  • Confidence building and self-esteem
  • Free exploration of one’s creative potential without any rights or wrongs
  • Acknowledgement of hidden gifts and talents
  • Awareness of tools to navigate major transitions in life,
  • A non- judgemental attitude about an individual’s work and that of others
  • Tuning into one’s inner voice or soul for guidance
  • Breaking through rather than breaking down.

What does an Art therapist do?

As an art therapist I provide a safe space and gentle pathway for feelings to come to the surface and be acknowledged and addressed. Collaboratively I work with the individual helping them to explore their art work and its meaning to their lives.

Online Art Therapy

During COVID19 and beyond, to keep connected to my clients I moved to online Art Therapy via Zoom. An Art therapy colleague of mine who has connections to the Whitecliffe Uni Art therapy faculty, asked me to produce a short video to share how I work with Zoom.This was for their Art therapy students, but you may also find it helpful to understand how Art therapy online is very much posssible.It was produced in April 2020 and even now my learning online continues. I hope you enjoy it.Please click to hear me sharing about Art Therapy online

What is Sand Play?

Sandplay therapy is a medium for clients to express, that for which they have no words. The process of Sandplay therapy involves the use of a sandtray and small figurines from categories including, people, animals, buildings, vehicles, vegetation, structures, natural objects & symbolic objects. The creative process offers a symbolic way of helping individuals express feelings in their lives, provides a fun non-threatening approach to the unconscious and a safe space to explore life situations that may feel overwhelming.

How does Sandplay Therapy work?

When individuals work and play in the sandtray they are making sense of their world, as they know it. When they are in control of moving a figurine, how a figurine behaves and what it can say and change symbolically in a particular situation in the sand, this can be empowering and transformational for clients. It may be the first time and the only place in their lives that they feel important, strong and powerful. Holding the therapeutic space for the client to experience this, is very important.

Who is Sandplay suitable for?

Sandplay therapy is naturally a favourite of children who love to play as part of the therapy but I have worked with both teens and adults who have also enjoyed, engaged and benefitted deeply from this special therapy.

What are the positive benefits?

Sand play exploration can be deeply healing, reaching the unconscious mind and helping clients see clearly how beliefs, patterns and issues are formed and can be resolved in the sand tray. This therapy has the ability to plant new seeds and tap into the potential of the client, to work towards creating a brand new his/herstory full of hope for the future.
Creativity is a good health practice because it keeps our brains flexible and active in old age. - Cathy Malchiodi -International Art Therapist 2013

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